About ILC


The light is a magic substance, which has been inviting researchers to outstanding discoveries for centuries – from this large number we can mention at least Newton and Einstein. The last century is considered the golden age of physics and electronics; in the next era, we can expect an important development of technologies and applications based on the use of light. This new field at the interface of physics and technology, interested in the study of generation, transfer and detection of light, as well as of other forms of radiative energy where the key particles are photons, is call Photonics.

The discovery of the LASER fundamentally enhanced the opportunities of the photonics and, therefore, we can find its applications in many different fields, including the transfer of information (optical coding, transfer and processing of signals and images), the production of electric energy (photovoltaic), the recording of information (holography, compact disks), but also in the modern medicine and biology, in the forms of imaging methods and systems for the detection and image processing (biophotonics). The possibility to focus the coherent pulsed light in an extremely small time and space scales gives us also the possibility to investigate basic physical processes of the light interaction with the matter in emerging fields of basic sciences, in inorganic, as well as organic systems.  

International Laser Center aims at the research in this rapidly developing scientific field, and as a member of the group of European scientific laser centers of excellence, it creates both the expert and the material background for Slovak scientists to be the part of process searching for new applications of light for the wellbeing of the society.   


Prof. Ing. František Uherek, PhD.